Congress & The Media – You Exhaust Me!

I haven’t written in a while because frankly, I am just tired.  I am tired of the information overload.  My brain feels fried.  Between family and friends posts on Facebook and the 24/7 news media, the texts and the emails – I just want to run away to an island that has no cell towers, cable TV or print media.  All the little synapses in my brain have had enough – they are on strike.

It’s Really Unreal that Congress can’t get their collective asses in gear and fix this debt ceiling problem.  Give me a piece of paper and a crayon and I’ll write the damn bill myself.  It’s simple – just 6 words


That’s all it takes.  It doesn’t need 39 Republican addendums about everything under the sun.  It doesn’t need any budget cuts or tax loop hole closures.  That all should be done at budget time.  This is about money we already spent, bills we already ran up.   Save all the chest beating and posturing for the pre-election trail. 

But that’s the problem really.  They are using this for political posturing and future campaigns.  No one seemed to care when Reagan raised the debt ceiling 7 times.  Or when Bush 1 & 2 and every other president (including Obama) raised the debt ceiling.  No one blinked an eye.  But THIS time – well it’s just another way they are trying to belittle this president.  It’s disgraceful the way they treat him.   Boehner may as well stand at his podium and call him “boy“.  Everyone forgets that lots of this debt is from the Bush era that Obama got saddled with.  No wonder the Republicans ran McCain and Palin.  They wanted to lose.  They didn’t want to be in the White House when the waiter brought the check.

Here’s the history of the debt ceiling plain and simple:

  • February 2010 – $14.294 trillion
  • December 2009 – $12.394 trillion
  • February 2009 – $12.104 trillion
  • October 2008 – $11.315 trillion
  • July 2008 – $10.615 trillion
  • September 2007 – $9.815 trillion
  • March 2006 – $8.965 trillion
  • November 2004 – $8.184
  • May 2003 – $7.384 trillion
  • June 2002 – $6.4 trillion
  • August 1997 – $5.95 trillion
  • March 1996 – $5.5 trillion
  • August 1993 – $4.9 trillion
  • April 1993 – $4.37 trillion
  • November 1990 – $4.145 trillion
  • October 1990 – $3.23 trillion
  • November 1989 – $3.1227 trillion
  • August 1989 – $2.87 trillion
  • September 1987 – $2.8 trillion
  • August 1987 – $2.352 trillion
  • July 1987 – $2.32 trillion
  • October 1986 – $2.3 trillion
  • August 1986 – $2.111 trillion
  • December 1985 – $2.0787 trillion
  • November 1985 – $1.9038 trillion
  • October 1984 – $1.8238 trillion
  • July 1984 – $1.573 trillion
  • May 1984 – $1.52 trillion
  • November 1983 – $1.49 trillion
  • May 1983 – $1.389 trillion
  • September 1982 – $1.2902
  • June 1982 – $1.1431 trillion
  • September 1981 – 1.0798 trillion
  • September 1981 – $999.8 billion
  • February 1981 – $985 billion
  • December 1980 – $935.1 billion
  • June 1980 – $925 billion
  • September 1979 – $879 billion
  • April 1979 – $830 billion
  • August 1978 – $798 billion
  • October 1977 – $752 billion
  • June 1976 – $700 billion
  • March 1976 – $627 billion
  • November 1975 – $595 billion
  • February 1975 – $577 billion
  • June 1974 – $495 billion
  • December 1973 – $475.7 billion
  • October 1972 – $465 billion
  • March 1972 – $450 billion
  • March 1971 – $430 billion
  • June 1970 – $395 billion
  • April 1969 – $377 billion
  • June 1967 – $358 billion
  • March 1967 – $336 billion
  • June 1966 – $330 billion
  • June 1965 – $328 billion
  • June 1964 – $324 billion
  • November 1963 – $315 billion
  • May 1963 – $309 billion
  • July 1962 – $308 billion
  • March 1962 – $300 billion
  • June 1961 – $298 billion
  • June 1960 – $293 billion
  • June 1959 – $295 billion
  • September 1958 – $288 billion
  • February 1958 – $280 billion
  • July 1956 – $278 billion
  • August 1954 – $281 billion
  • June 1946 – $275 billion
  • April 1945 – $300 billion
  • June 1944 – $260 billion
  • April 1943 – $210 billion
  • March 1942 – $125 billion
  • February 1941 – $65 billion
  • June 1940 – $49 billion
  • December 1939 – $45 billion
  • December 1919 – $43 billion

Yes, it keeps going up.  DUH!  The country is bigger and there’s more work to be done.  A  HUGE chunk of the current debt is from the wars George Bush stuck us in and our ridiculous defense budget.  The Republicans talk about government being too big yet THEY have created more of it than anyone.  Look at the Dept. of Homeland Security.  A HUGE waste of money.  It’s the same damn work being done by other agencies and it accomplishes nothing.  Also we’re paying for defense weapons and crap we will never take delivery on and the armed forces have already said they don’t want anyway.  It’s old technology for fighting the cold war – out dated and unwanted junk.  We even continue to make payments to contractors who are decades behind on deliveries – why?  Cause they fund politicians campaigns – and the circle goes round and round.  Get rid of the way campaigns are financed – finance them with a set amount for every office with a federal fund so it’s an even playing field – and this whole mess would go away.  A LOT of our country’s problems would go away – it’s simple and yet it’ll never get done.  If the politicians were beholden to US instead of their corporate sponsors, their voting habits would change drastically!

And about the threat of cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security —– I say any politician who votes to cut ANY benefits to seniors, the disabled or members of the military (past and present) should be CUT out next election day.


I mean really!  Do YOU get to give yourself a raise and benefit increases whenever you want at your job?  No?  Well hell’s bells guys – run for Congress!

I’m in the midst of a mortgage modification.  The papers have gone back and forth because the fool doing the figures can’t read or do math.  He keeps screwing up the escrow payment amounts.  Now the papers are sitting in limbo.  He claims he’s redoing the figures and waiting for his supervisor’s approval.  I know the truth – they are waiting to see if the debt ceiling gets raised and we lose our national credit rating so all interest rates will go up.  They are hoping for it I’m sure.  Meanwhile, my credit card companies are drooling too I’ll bet.

This whole thing is just posturing for the cameras.  If there was NO media coverage this bill would have been passed easy peasey months ago.  So – maybe the media is partly to blame as well.

All I know is I’m checking my atlas for a small island where it’s not too hot, not too cold and far away from electronics.

Whose on board?

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Playing Chicken

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of politicians playing chicken with our country.  Back in my childhood, John Kennedy played chicken with Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  He didn’t blink first and it paid off, though we found out years later there was a back door deal over nukes in Turkey that was the parting gift Russia got when it pulled out of Cuba.  But that’s okay – we didn’t get nuked from 90 miles off our Florida coast.  It was okay to play chicken then.

Now the two parties are playing chicken again.  What I find Really Unreal  is that they are doing it over money that HAS ALREADY BEEN SPENT!  The money is gone.  Get over it and move on.  Republicans want to hold the country hostage and refuse to move an inch.  These Reagan and GW Bush  lovers forget that they BOTH raised the federal debt limit so many times people lost count.  Yet until they get their tax breaks for their wealthy millionaire friends (the people who DO NOT create jobs no matter what they tell you and can afford to contribute more in taxes than me or my mom on social security) they won’t budge.  Instead they want our seniors to get cuts in their food and rent money and also lose benefits that pay for their much needed medicines.  “Let’s help our rich campaign contributing friends and fuck those poor people who don’t send us a dime in campaign contributions anyway.”  Talk about kissing ass!  These people worked their tails off for years to have that safety net and now you wanna screw them?  You know how pissed they are when you interrupt ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for a tornado warning?  YOU wanna mess with their benefits?  Good luck with that and still have a job after the next election!

I say any politician that votes to cut social security and medicare benefits should be CUT on the next election day – plain and simple!  And if you agree – go here and show your support for cutting those who cut benefits to seniors on Facebook.

Democrats on the other hand won’t budge on social security and medicare.  The baby boomers are getting older and the system is gonna be drained in the next 20 years or so.  Well duh – the fix for that is simple!  Take a few more pennies a week out of our paychecks and fix the damn system.  How come the simple fix we regular people make when our bills go up (set aside a few extra bucks each week) isn’t a STUPID SIMPLE fix these brainiacs can’t come up with?  DUH!  Taking an extra $1-2 a pay check to shore up the social security and medicare funds won’t hurt any of us, but cutting those monthly checks to seniors who can’t work and have no other income and cutting their medicines would hurt and big time!  Republicans screamed bloody murder when they claimed (and falsely at that) that health care reform would create death panels that would kill their granny.  Now they don’t care if she starves to death or dies cause she can’t get her medications?  How short Republicans memories truly are!

Of course it won’t matter in the long run.  Damn Obama and the Democrats have no balls!!  They’ll go ahead like they always do and cave in.  They’ll give in to the blackmailing Republicans like they did on health care and every other issue that has come up.

Why is ANY of this holding up progress anyway?  Neither has anything to do with the real issue at hand – money that has been ALREADY SPENT!  And honestly, this stupid issue over a debt ceiling makes no sense anyway.  It’s during the BUDGET voting that this crap should be addressed.  This nonsense going on now is just  more posturing, grand standing and beating of chests to show how powerful they are.  Screw that!

You know, I have no love for TV preachers.  But I have to admit that Dr. Robert Schuller about 20 years ago said something I heard as I was trolling the channels on a Sunday morning folding laundry.  He said, “Isn’t it amazing how much gets accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit?”  And this is so true!  If there was no record kept of who voted for what – if they just did a secret paper ballot where they all scribbled on paper and stuck it in a box and no one saw who voted what – I wonder what the votes would be like then?

Bill Maher has said that many politicians comment to him off camera after the taping of his HBO show called Real Time that they would really like to vote the opposite or say the opposite of the rhetoric they spew in public when they are being watched.  How sad is that?  It’s gotten so politicians won’t even stand up, show they have some balls and say what needs to be said and they know is true.

Bulworth – where are you?

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Obama Called the “D” Word

On June 30th, Mark Halperin, editor-at-large and senior political analyst for TIME and MSNBC appeared on Morning Joe.  During a conversation about President Obama’s speech the evening prior, he said he thought the president was “kind of a dick.”  Let the shit storm begin!

I like Obama and voted for him.  His supporters wish at times he’d be more like George W Bush and grow a pair.  Bush didn’t give a damn what anyone said, including the law.  He just did what he wanted to and “f” ya’ll if you don’t like it.  Sometimes I wish Obama would too.

In his speech, in his usual calm and deliberate manner, he came off more as a lecturer and kind of did seem like a “dick” than as a President who is fed up with the Republican grandstanding and feet dragging.  It was politics as usual, and he ran against that.  So come out and so say!

One thing I found Really Unreal was in a recent interview for the NBC Today Show, Ann Curry asked him why he doesn’t get mad about the economy and jobs situation.   I guess people (and Ann Curry)  want him to act like the stereo-typical angry black “n”.   If he ain’t doing a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, standing at a podium and pounding his fist and bellowing, then I guess people think he’s got no feelings and doesn’t care.  In white America’s minds, if a black man isn’t foaming at the mouth like they see on “Cops,” he ain’t upset and doesn’t care.

Yeah, I was disappointed at the way Obama came off.  I would love for him to stand there and really give these people hell.  Call a spade a spade (no racial pun intended).  Start naming names – tell us who is being a “dick” in Congress and what games they are playing.  I would love it for ANYONE in politics to stand up and just be blunt and to the point.

Back in 1998, Warren Beatty appeared in a film called “Bulworth” about a senator losing his bid for re-election.  He takes out a huge insurance policy, hires someone to kill him and goes on a free speech spree telling people the truth about politics and all the things they really don’t want to hear but need to.  I would have voted for Bulworth.  I long for a guy (or gal) like him to run for office in this country.  I realize Obama, being the first black to win the office, doesn’t want to tarnish the office nor his heritage by acting “all that” and living up to the white population’s stereotype of a black man.  But just once, I have to admit, I wish he would raise his voice and maybe give that podium one good pound of the fist.  Or maybe a head snap and wave his index finger in the stereotypical black female “oh no you didn’t”  fashion.  Just once – come on.  Show me you got a pair.

As for Mark Halperin, well MSNBC suspended him indefintely for the remark.  MSNBC – you need to grow a pair too.  I am sooooo tired of the thin skinned, always outraged stance Americans and the media take these days.  There was the NBC golf tourney where “under God” was left out of the video prior to the game.  There was the outrage about Weiner’s weiner – as if he personally sent it to every American and scarred them for life.  Why do Americans get so worked up about things that really don’t matter, no one will probably remember in 5 years and have no real impact on their lives?  The only person it had an impact on was him, his family and the chick he sent that picture to.  It had nothing to do with any of us.  The guy resigned and that’s a shame really.  His constituents seemed to love him and he appeared to actually give a damn and voted the way they wanted.  But the pictures – other than giving us a good laugh and something funny to blog about – had no impact on our lives personally.  Yet the media and the outraged and righteous righters had to get on their soapboxes and scream bloody murder.

The media, like MSNBC, have suspended and fired so many commentators, writers and talking heads just because they were human and either had a slip of the tongue or, better yet, actually spoke their minds.  Talk about a violation of the freedom of speech.  How Glen Beck lasted as long as he did I’ll never know.    And that is a shame too.  In a country where we wave the flag and get all “in yer face” about freedom, we sure are quick to take down those who use it to voice their opinions. And what happened with Halerpin, especially after he deliberately asked about the delay button and was actually egged on by Joe Scarbrough,  seems really unfair.

As for the actual comment, yeah – Obama did come off like a “dick” to some extent.  He seemed more like a schoolmarm lecturing than a president fed up with the politics as usual feet dragging for political gain.  He disappointed me.  Call him a “dick” ?  Nah, I wouldn’t say that.  I’d just like him to grow a pair and show them to us from time to time.  Just don’t send them to us via Twitter.

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NBC, God & the Boogey Man

NBC recently broadcast the U.S. Open.  During the opening a video ran of little kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance while intertwined with video of a military flag raising and shots of historical landmarks in Washington DC.

During that video the words “under God” from the pledge were not broadcast.  Let the shit storm commence!!!

Within seconds Twitter and the net were ablaze with indignant people screaming bloody murder and getting all pissed off.  Commentator Dan Hicks gave an on air apology during the broadcast but that wasn’t good enough.  You’d think someone had gone out and slaughtered puppies on the 18th green live on camera.  And frankly, they would have been better off doing just that.

Yesterday I was catching up on all the posts on Facebook I’d ignored for the past week.  Sure enough, people I know were speculating about it.  What I found Really Unreal was that people actually believed that President Obama was personally behind the sacred words being deleted.  I hate it when – mostly conservative, God-fearing, Bible thumping and yes, mostly Republican people live up to all my expectations.

Yes, I am sure that Big Black Boogey Man in the White House has a spy at NBC.  He learned they were going to shoot this video to play before the U.S. Open.  He called and told them to deliberately leave out the words “under God” from the pledge because – hmmm – because – ummmm – because – well – because it just seemed like a smart thing to do.  What a genius move that would be politically for someone who is about to run again for President in 2012.  Yup, that’s it.  Obama told NBC to remove those words and of course, NBC did so.

Idiots!  Like the president of the greatest country in the world has nothing better to do than edit videos for a golf tournament!  It never amazes me – the stupidity and gullibility of the American public.  These are the same people who think Jimmy Hoffa is buried under home plate at Yankee Stadium and that a flying saucer is being hidden in the basement of the White House.

Why are people so obsessed with President bashing when it comes to Obama?  Tell me that it doesn’t have to do with his race.  Come on – tell me it doesn’t.  What else can it be? If this was a white guy they’d never be demanding a long form birth certificate that NO ONE gets who is born in Hawaii (they have a different one that is given out and the long form is kept on file).  Tell me that if this guy was white they’d still be claiming he was an undercover Muslim extremist.  Tell me if this was a white guy they’d still be bashing him.  As I recall, the Republicans said it was UNAMERICAN and UNPATRIOTIC to criticize and bash a president in time of war when everyone with any common sense was saying Bush’s war in Iraq was a crock.  Yet here we are, years later, still at war thanks to Bush and his puppet master Cheney.  But now it’s okay to bash the president and criticize.  Hmmm… how short the Republican memory and attention span seems to be.  But then again it’s okay cause it’s that Big Black Boogey Man in the White House.  If its not because of his race then someone please tell me what the hell it is.

Occam’s razor states that, all things being equal, the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.  And I think this applies to President Obama and the beating he has taken since there was just speculation he would run for president.  If this was a white guy there is no way he’d be treated so disrespectfully.  And that is really sad to me.  It doesn’t matter if I voted for him or not.  It doesn’t matter what color my skin is.  What matters to me is the abuse this guy is getting for no good reason and the bullshit that has been slung regarding anything he tries to accomplish.

Sometime go check out the website of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner .  Look at the truth behind the bullshit that has been spewed about things like the Healthcare Reform “Death Panels” (has your granny been killed yet?) and check out the list of 21 recent Fox News Lies.  I am sure the list is a lot longer than this but there are only so many hours in a day.

What it all boils down to is the sad sad sad stupidity and gullibility of Americans these days.  You don’t need to see SAT scores.  You don’t need to look at grades of high school grads or the reading and comprehension  levels of college students.  All you have to do is read what people post on Facebook, watch Fox News or read Tweets from Sarah Palin.  It is so sad that people in this country will believe any bullshit they are  spoon fed and do no research to find out what the truth really is.

And as for that Big Black Boogey Man in the White House….. well I’ll probably vote for him again.  Why?  Not cause he’s black.  I’ll vote for him because he’s smart.  He has character.  He’s genuine.  He believes it’s better to rule with Hope then rule with Fear.   He belongs to the party of giving people a hand up and finding solutions, not beating people down and trying to scare the shit out of them so they stay in line.  Yes, I’d vote for a Republican – but it’d have to be someone who doesn’t stand there with a silver cross, a clove of garlic and a wooden stake trembling because night is falling and its a full moon.

So far, I haven’t seen one yet.

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Sex Scandals, The Media & Politics

Anthony Weiner (2011), Newt Gingrich (2007), Arnold Schwarzenegger (2011), Bill Clinton (1998), Gary Hart (1988), Barney Frank (1989), Gary Condit(2001), Eliot Spitzer (2008), John Edwards (2008), Bob Packwood (1995), Mark Foley (2006), Larry Craig (2007), John Ensign (2009), David Vitter (2007)……….

The list goes on and on of politicians who have been involved in sex scandals that ended up very public. And what is Really Unreal, and a damn shame, is that there are so many of them there are actually websites dedicated to keeping track of these guys (notice no chicks are on this list).  Google it and you can find hundreds of websites that have lists of these people, what they did and who they did.  You can even print out party games to play like charades – “Name That Perv!”

Now politicians are no different than movie starts and other public figures who get themselves into bad situations, especially when they start believing their own press.  I’m sure it isn’t just the powerful and the wealthy that get caught up in these messes.  They are just the ones we hear about.   Back in the old days it was scandals like the  Elizabeth Taylor/Eddie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds dust up in the early 1960’s.  There was the 2005 Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie torrid ordeal.  Every week there’s a prince, princess, dignitary, congressman, actor or someone whose name we know from TV who stuck their private parts somewhere they shouldn’t have been or forgot to cover them up.

The press is the most to blame for the attention they get.  I think most of the public’s fascination probably started with President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.  The media saw how many magazines and newspapers they were selling printing that trash and it has ramped up ever since.  Look at all the rag sheets at the check out counter that didn’t exist 20 years ago.  Seems every week there is a new one and a new TV show dedicated to celebrity scoops.

Let’s face it – it’s cheaper and easier to pay some sleazy photographer to follow people around and snap some photos of a panti-less drunk celebrity or politician making out with a staffer than do a Woodward & Bernstein style investigation about something that actually matters.  I dare say there are more writers and researchers working trash story lines than any other.

But then again they wouldn’t be writing and broadcasting this crap if we weren’t eating it up with a very large spoon.  So we have a part in the blame.  Why do we pay attention?  I mean, does Weiner Tweeting his dick really have any impact on my life?  Will it find me a better paying job, help me get the dental work I need but don’t have insurance to pay for, or get my community schools fixed?  No.  Did Clinton’s blow jobs really have ANY impact on our lives?  No.  It didn’t change a damn thing or stop these guys from whipping it out.  Clinton getting it from under the desk or in a closet made not one bit of difference in our lives.  But what did was the Republicans spending millions in tax dollars prosecuting him and taking away their focus and the media’s from things that mattered like health care, jobs, infrastructure, national security and all the other things that sat on the table and died while we heard about Monica’s dry cleaning bills.  Our problem with Al Qaeda would never have gotten so bad had Clinton been spending his time doing his job instead of dealing with a bullshit impeachment hearing.  They claim they went after him  cause he lied about sex.  Really?  Are you that naive?  Everyone lies about sex – EVERYONE!  It was a cheap shot from one side of the aisle at the other that wasted time and tons of money over nothing.  It made not one damn bit of difference but made a celebrity out of Monica and gave more talking heads jobs on TV.

Why do we care about who did what to who and who got arrested for being stoned?  Maybe because the divide between the haves and the have nots has gotten so wide that the have nots rather enjoy watching the haves crash and burn.  There is kind of a sick satisfaction in knowing the elitist Newt Gingrich’s presidential run is probably over cause he has a Tiffany’s charge he doesn’t pay and he would rather be sailing the seven seas instead of campaigning.  Maybe we relish in watching rich chicks like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan stumbling off to court in a drug and alcohol induced stupor because they can afford the drugs to party while those without health insurance can’t afford their cholesterol and diabetes medications.  It’s kind of an evil pleasure to watch the haves get knocked down a peg or two.  And here am I, writing this article and others about them  and giving them even more attention.  Guilty as charged.

Remember the good ole days when the news was really NEWS – what was happening to our world, the good and the bad,  and not about who was banging who and clicking their dicks.  Ah – the good ole days.  I miss Walter Cronkite.  I wonder what he’d think of this Weiner stuff.

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Let’s All Just Die Naturally

It seems every other day the news is filled with another story about some drug or medical device that is killing people.  Today we learned that the FDA is warning that Zocor has a side effect of muscle damage resulting in pain and weakness.  This is a medicine used to lower cholesterol levels.

I’m tired of  all the warnings.  I’m sick of watching TV to have some commercial come on pimping some new medication that will make my man’s dick hard and then another that will help him pee after sex.  Then the announcer talks at the speed of light at the end telling us that his dick will be hard but he will have projectile vomiting, he may black out, he may shit his pants, he may grow wings and develop tits.  Enough already!  Screw taking the med – I’ll just get a vibrator.

Do you know ANYONE who isn’t on at least two medications these days?  They even are doping up our kids so they will sit quietly in school like zombies.  I personally take 5 pills every morning.  I used to take a few others till I found out that problems I was taking one medication for were being caused by the meds I took for another.  When I quit taking my arthritis medications I found that I felt ten times better overall and after 3 days the arthritis pain was 20 times less by NOT taking the pills for it.  Now that is Really Unreal – ya stop the medication and the pain and mobility is better – not worse!

I’m wondering if we really do need all these damn drugs.  What ever happened to just eating, living and dying of natural causes.  What is killing us are the side effects of all the drugs we take to keep from dying.  You may not die from a heart attack, but you will die from the liver and kidney failure the meds you took to prevent it caused.  Some trade off.  I’d rather die of the heart attack while having great chandelier swinging sex then sit around on dialysis in agony from the organ failure the pills I took for my heart caused.  Which is worse?

Maybe we ought to just let nature take its course.  Yeah, try and eat right and then give yourself a break, live a little and indulge from time to time.   Maybe it’s not so bad to die from natural causes rather than die from pharmaceutical ones.  The only people winning are the manufacturers and pharmacies who pimp the pills.

So it’s not a matter of when you’ll kick, it’s which side effect will cause it.

One way or the other       <<<<  this guy is gonna get ya.

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Palin Puppies Re-Write History

After a day in Boston visiting historic sites, a reporter asked Sarah Palin what she later deemed a “gotcha question.”  He asked her what she had seen that day and what she’d take away from her visit.  Instead of just answering the question, Palin decided to show what a smart maverick she was and went rogue:

The cruel and heartless mainstream media who is always picking on her aired the response and Palin once again was the topic of conversation on every news broadcast and comedy show.  So she went on Fox news with her homies and tried to sell her version again:

Okay, now she’s twice made Revere sound not like a patriot but a traitor.  According to her, Revere was dropping by the British camps passing out cookies and telling them we were gonna kick their asses.  Has ANYONE on this planet EVER heard this part of the Paul Revere story before?  No?  Cause it’s insane.  So what do the sheep that follow her do……

…………they go on Wikipedia and rewrite history!

Her fans went on Wikipedia and actually changed the entry to support her version of history.  Yes, some people added things as a prank, but if you saw it before they took it down, clearly her fans were trying to cover her ass.  It got so bad that Wikipedia had to shut down and lock the page.  Now they have people going back and putting the correct information up and say they will keep this section locked for the time being.

What I find Really Unreal  is that her sheep followers would actually think going on a website and rewriting history would fool anyone.  As if these Palin puppies who follow her actually thought this could make her seem smart!  Right now replacing her brain with Einstein’s wouldn’t make this chick smart.  I wonder if they have changed the history books to go along with her daughter, Piper’s version of the history of Mt. Vernon and mommy dearest Tweeted about on SarahPac:

“When Piper laid the wreath at George Washington’s tomb this afternoon, I wished that every American school student could be here to see and feel the spirit of our nation’s first father. Even Piper was able to grasp the significance of being in the presence of our first President – who had such diverse interests – when she told me later ‘how hard he must have worked to keep that farm going!’ “

Did her mother bother to mention that Washington was kind of busy fighting in a war and later running a country and that he had unpaid laborers called slaves who kept the farm going?  You have to wonder if Palin even knew that.  What a bizarre post.  They were “in the presence of our first President”?  Wow – really?  Did his ghost come and give them a personal tour?  They do know he’s dead, right?

I’m sorry but Palin just has to be either the dumbest chick on the planet or sly as a fox.  Does Sarah (Paris) Palin (see my previous post)  say these stupid things to get media attention?  She wants people to think she’s middle class mainstream America but I give middle class America more credit than that.  I’m middle America and I don’t get free paid vacations from PAC funds to tramp around the country in a big bus.  I know a bit about Paul Revere and Washington and if I’d just been to their historic sites (I never have – can’t afford vacations)  and had been given a private tour, I think I would have retained SOME of what I was just taught for more than 10 minutes and been able to repeat it accurately.

I have to wonder who are these nut jobs who follow and support this bimbo.  Are people really that stupid?  How can anyone think she would make a good governor, president, hell – janitor!  She can’t complete a coherent sentence.  Frankly, I’d have more respect for her if she’d just take a picture flashing her tits and send it out on Twitter.

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