Weiner Needs Better Weiner Advice

Rep. Anthony Weiner claims his Twitter account was hacked and when asked if the alleged photo

of a gray underwear wearing crotch is truly his junk,  he responded on camera saying  “You know, I can’t say with certitude.  My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated.  Pictures can be dropped in and inserted.”

Who is this guy’s public relations chief?  And they say Sarah Palin wasn’t prepped for interviews!

The answer is so easy.   Just pick a response:

1.  Clearly that is not me – I’m not that (choose one)    ___  Small    ___Big!

2.  Clearly that is not a photo of me since I don’t own and never wore gray underwear.

3.  Clearly that is not a picture of me since I wear boxers and that photo clearly shows briefs.

4.  Clearly that is not me.  When my wife caught me screwing around last year, she did a Lorena Bobbitt on me so you see that clearly can’t be me.

The possibilities are endless.

What I find Really Unreal  is that this guy is basically saying it very well could be his crotch in that picture! He didn’t say there is no way since he has never taken a photo of his crotch and to the best of his knowledge no one else has either.  No, he said he doesn’t know if it’s his crotch.  And therein lies the problem.  Does he not know where his crotch has been?

For once we finally have a politician who DID keep it in his pants (ok – underpants) and he’s still in trouble.  What happens to these guys when they cross the state line and set foot in D.C.?  Ya gotta wonder.


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One Response to Weiner Needs Better Weiner Advice

  1. wordkitty says:

    Number four… Ouch!

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