Palin Puppies Re-Write History

After a day in Boston visiting historic sites, a reporter asked Sarah Palin what she later deemed a “gotcha question.”  He asked her what she had seen that day and what she’d take away from her visit.  Instead of just answering the question, Palin decided to show what a smart maverick she was and went rogue:

The cruel and heartless mainstream media who is always picking on her aired the response and Palin once again was the topic of conversation on every news broadcast and comedy show.  So she went on Fox news with her homies and tried to sell her version again:

Okay, now she’s twice made Revere sound not like a patriot but a traitor.  According to her, Revere was dropping by the British camps passing out cookies and telling them we were gonna kick their asses.  Has ANYONE on this planet EVER heard this part of the Paul Revere story before?  No?  Cause it’s insane.  So what do the sheep that follow her do……

…………they go on Wikipedia and rewrite history!

Her fans went on Wikipedia and actually changed the entry to support her version of history.  Yes, some people added things as a prank, but if you saw it before they took it down, clearly her fans were trying to cover her ass.  It got so bad that Wikipedia had to shut down and lock the page.  Now they have people going back and putting the correct information up and say they will keep this section locked for the time being.

What I find Really Unreal  is that her sheep followers would actually think going on a website and rewriting history would fool anyone.  As if these Palin puppies who follow her actually thought this could make her seem smart!  Right now replacing her brain with Einstein’s wouldn’t make this chick smart.  I wonder if they have changed the history books to go along with her daughter, Piper’s version of the history of Mt. Vernon and mommy dearest Tweeted about on SarahPac:

“When Piper laid the wreath at George Washington’s tomb this afternoon, I wished that every American school student could be here to see and feel the spirit of our nation’s first father. Even Piper was able to grasp the significance of being in the presence of our first President – who had such diverse interests – when she told me later ‘how hard he must have worked to keep that farm going!’ “

Did her mother bother to mention that Washington was kind of busy fighting in a war and later running a country and that he had unpaid laborers called slaves who kept the farm going?  You have to wonder if Palin even knew that.  What a bizarre post.  They were “in the presence of our first President”?  Wow – really?  Did his ghost come and give them a personal tour?  They do know he’s dead, right?

I’m sorry but Palin just has to be either the dumbest chick on the planet or sly as a fox.  Does Sarah (Paris) Palin (see my previous post)  say these stupid things to get media attention?  She wants people to think she’s middle class mainstream America but I give middle class America more credit than that.  I’m middle America and I don’t get free paid vacations from PAC funds to tramp around the country in a big bus.  I know a bit about Paul Revere and Washington and if I’d just been to their historic sites (I never have – can’t afford vacations)  and had been given a private tour, I think I would have retained SOME of what I was just taught for more than 10 minutes and been able to repeat it accurately.

I have to wonder who are these nut jobs who follow and support this bimbo.  Are people really that stupid?  How can anyone think she would make a good governor, president, hell – janitor!  She can’t complete a coherent sentence.  Frankly, I’d have more respect for her if she’d just take a picture flashing her tits and send it out on Twitter.

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3 Responses to Palin Puppies Re-Write History

  1. wordkitty says:

    You’re so right. How can any semi-intelligent person support this idiot? Paris – I like that. 🙂

  2. Alan Scott says:

    Let me tell you how . Do you remember when Palin said at a Tea Party function that it was no time to party like it was 1773 and you liberals called her a moron ??? My word you guys had so much fun with that , , , until somebody bothered to look up the fact that the Boston Tea Party ‘ was ‘ in 1773 . I support her and any time you want to engage in a battle of wits , I will happily comply .

  3. Cindy says:

    I do hope you take Scott up on his offer. As respectfully as I can say this, you are doing everything you (falsely) accuse “the right” of doing. It might be convenient to use racism as the reason people don’t like Obama’s policies, but if you are honest with yourself you’d realize it’s because he and whoever he’s listening to are making radical changes that the majority of people are against. His color has nothing to do with it–but it IS a ‘conversation stopper’–so good job on that. You might want to refresh your memory on the bashing Bush got–and still does, and maybe open your eyes to the Palin derangement the Left are afflicted with. Drop the racism tactic–it has no place.

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