Let’s All Just Die Naturally

It seems every other day the news is filled with another story about some drug or medical device that is killing people.  Today we learned that the FDA is warning that Zocor has a side effect of muscle damage resulting in pain and weakness.  This is a medicine used to lower cholesterol levels.

I’m tired of  all the warnings.  I’m sick of watching TV to have some commercial come on pimping some new medication that will make my man’s dick hard and then another that will help him pee after sex.  Then the announcer talks at the speed of light at the end telling us that his dick will be hard but he will have projectile vomiting, he may black out, he may shit his pants, he may grow wings and develop tits.  Enough already!  Screw taking the med – I’ll just get a vibrator.

Do you know ANYONE who isn’t on at least two medications these days?  They even are doping up our kids so they will sit quietly in school like zombies.  I personally take 5 pills every morning.  I used to take a few others till I found out that problems I was taking one medication for were being caused by the meds I took for another.  When I quit taking my arthritis medications I found that I felt ten times better overall and after 3 days the arthritis pain was 20 times less by NOT taking the pills for it.  Now that is Really Unreal – ya stop the medication and the pain and mobility is better – not worse!

I’m wondering if we really do need all these damn drugs.  What ever happened to just eating, living and dying of natural causes.  What is killing us are the side effects of all the drugs we take to keep from dying.  You may not die from a heart attack, but you will die from the liver and kidney failure the meds you took to prevent it caused.  Some trade off.  I’d rather die of the heart attack while having great chandelier swinging sex then sit around on dialysis in agony from the organ failure the pills I took for my heart caused.  Which is worse?

Maybe we ought to just let nature take its course.  Yeah, try and eat right and then give yourself a break, live a little and indulge from time to time.   Maybe it’s not so bad to die from natural causes rather than die from pharmaceutical ones.  The only people winning are the manufacturers and pharmacies who pimp the pills.

So it’s not a matter of when you’ll kick, it’s which side effect will cause it.

One way or the other       <<<<  this guy is gonna get ya.

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One Response to Let’s All Just Die Naturally

  1. wordkitty says:

    There was once a time when the medical community used to look for cures for diseases. Then they figured out it was more profitable to keep diseases “under control”, so instead of a one-time fix, they get a steady income stream. I’m like you, I try to avoid taking anything if the doctor gives me a choice.

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