Sex Scandals, The Media & Politics

Anthony Weiner (2011), Newt Gingrich (2007), Arnold Schwarzenegger (2011), Bill Clinton (1998), Gary Hart (1988), Barney Frank (1989), Gary Condit(2001), Eliot Spitzer (2008), John Edwards (2008), Bob Packwood (1995), Mark Foley (2006), Larry Craig (2007), John Ensign (2009), David Vitter (2007)……….

The list goes on and on of politicians who have been involved in sex scandals that ended up very public. And what is Really Unreal, and a damn shame, is that there are so many of them there are actually websites dedicated to keeping track of these guys (notice no chicks are on this list).  Google it and you can find hundreds of websites that have lists of these people, what they did and who they did.  You can even print out party games to play like charades – “Name That Perv!”

Now politicians are no different than movie starts and other public figures who get themselves into bad situations, especially when they start believing their own press.  I’m sure it isn’t just the powerful and the wealthy that get caught up in these messes.  They are just the ones we hear about.   Back in the old days it was scandals like the  Elizabeth Taylor/Eddie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds dust up in the early 1960’s.  There was the 2005 Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie torrid ordeal.  Every week there’s a prince, princess, dignitary, congressman, actor or someone whose name we know from TV who stuck their private parts somewhere they shouldn’t have been or forgot to cover them up.

The press is the most to blame for the attention they get.  I think most of the public’s fascination probably started with President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.  The media saw how many magazines and newspapers they were selling printing that trash and it has ramped up ever since.  Look at all the rag sheets at the check out counter that didn’t exist 20 years ago.  Seems every week there is a new one and a new TV show dedicated to celebrity scoops.

Let’s face it – it’s cheaper and easier to pay some sleazy photographer to follow people around and snap some photos of a panti-less drunk celebrity or politician making out with a staffer than do a Woodward & Bernstein style investigation about something that actually matters.  I dare say there are more writers and researchers working trash story lines than any other.

But then again they wouldn’t be writing and broadcasting this crap if we weren’t eating it up with a very large spoon.  So we have a part in the blame.  Why do we pay attention?  I mean, does Weiner Tweeting his dick really have any impact on my life?  Will it find me a better paying job, help me get the dental work I need but don’t have insurance to pay for, or get my community schools fixed?  No.  Did Clinton’s blow jobs really have ANY impact on our lives?  No.  It didn’t change a damn thing or stop these guys from whipping it out.  Clinton getting it from under the desk or in a closet made not one bit of difference in our lives.  But what did was the Republicans spending millions in tax dollars prosecuting him and taking away their focus and the media’s from things that mattered like health care, jobs, infrastructure, national security and all the other things that sat on the table and died while we heard about Monica’s dry cleaning bills.  Our problem with Al Qaeda would never have gotten so bad had Clinton been spending his time doing his job instead of dealing with a bullshit impeachment hearing.  They claim they went after him  cause he lied about sex.  Really?  Are you that naive?  Everyone lies about sex – EVERYONE!  It was a cheap shot from one side of the aisle at the other that wasted time and tons of money over nothing.  It made not one damn bit of difference but made a celebrity out of Monica and gave more talking heads jobs on TV.

Why do we care about who did what to who and who got arrested for being stoned?  Maybe because the divide between the haves and the have nots has gotten so wide that the have nots rather enjoy watching the haves crash and burn.  There is kind of a sick satisfaction in knowing the elitist Newt Gingrich’s presidential run is probably over cause he has a Tiffany’s charge he doesn’t pay and he would rather be sailing the seven seas instead of campaigning.  Maybe we relish in watching rich chicks like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan stumbling off to court in a drug and alcohol induced stupor because they can afford the drugs to party while those without health insurance can’t afford their cholesterol and diabetes medications.  It’s kind of an evil pleasure to watch the haves get knocked down a peg or two.  And here am I, writing this article and others about them  and giving them even more attention.  Guilty as charged.

Remember the good ole days when the news was really NEWS – what was happening to our world, the good and the bad,  and not about who was banging who and clicking their dicks.  Ah – the good ole days.  I miss Walter Cronkite.  I wonder what he’d think of this Weiner stuff.

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  1. PenPilot says:

    I know that we all use a different voice in a letter to a friend vs. a letter to mom, and I’m sure that this carries over from one web site to the another. Still, I’d like to take a moment of your time to comment on how noticeably changed your writing style is here vs. other sites I have read you at. I am very impressed.
    You are doing great work here, and I hope that it continues to blossom for you. My wish is that you get many, many readers and that the adds follow quickly behind it.
    All my best,
    A friend

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