NBC, God & the Boogey Man

NBC recently broadcast the U.S. Open.  During the opening a video ran of little kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance while intertwined with video of a military flag raising and shots of historical landmarks in Washington DC.

During that video the words “under God” from the pledge were not broadcast.  Let the shit storm commence!!!

Within seconds Twitter and the net were ablaze with indignant people screaming bloody murder and getting all pissed off.  Commentator Dan Hicks gave an on air apology during the broadcast but that wasn’t good enough.  You’d think someone had gone out and slaughtered puppies on the 18th green live on camera.  And frankly, they would have been better off doing just that.

Yesterday I was catching up on all the posts on Facebook I’d ignored for the past week.  Sure enough, people I know were speculating about it.  What I found Really Unreal was that people actually believed that President Obama was personally behind the sacred words being deleted.  I hate it when – mostly conservative, God-fearing, Bible thumping and yes, mostly Republican people live up to all my expectations.

Yes, I am sure that Big Black Boogey Man in the White House has a spy at NBC.  He learned they were going to shoot this video to play before the U.S. Open.  He called and told them to deliberately leave out the words “under God” from the pledge because – hmmm – because – ummmm – because – well – because it just seemed like a smart thing to do.  What a genius move that would be politically for someone who is about to run again for President in 2012.  Yup, that’s it.  Obama told NBC to remove those words and of course, NBC did so.

Idiots!  Like the president of the greatest country in the world has nothing better to do than edit videos for a golf tournament!  It never amazes me – the stupidity and gullibility of the American public.  These are the same people who think Jimmy Hoffa is buried under home plate at Yankee Stadium and that a flying saucer is being hidden in the basement of the White House.

Why are people so obsessed with President bashing when it comes to Obama?  Tell me that it doesn’t have to do with his race.  Come on – tell me it doesn’t.  What else can it be? If this was a white guy they’d never be demanding a long form birth certificate that NO ONE gets who is born in Hawaii (they have a different one that is given out and the long form is kept on file).  Tell me that if this guy was white they’d still be claiming he was an undercover Muslim extremist.  Tell me if this was a white guy they’d still be bashing him.  As I recall, the Republicans said it was UNAMERICAN and UNPATRIOTIC to criticize and bash a president in time of war when everyone with any common sense was saying Bush’s war in Iraq was a crock.  Yet here we are, years later, still at war thanks to Bush and his puppet master Cheney.  But now it’s okay to bash the president and criticize.  Hmmm… how short the Republican memory and attention span seems to be.  But then again it’s okay cause it’s that Big Black Boogey Man in the White House.  If its not because of his race then someone please tell me what the hell it is.

Occam’s razor states that, all things being equal, the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.  And I think this applies to President Obama and the beating he has taken since there was just speculation he would run for president.  If this was a white guy there is no way he’d be treated so disrespectfully.  And that is really sad to me.  It doesn’t matter if I voted for him or not.  It doesn’t matter what color my skin is.  What matters to me is the abuse this guy is getting for no good reason and the bullshit that has been slung regarding anything he tries to accomplish.

Sometime go check out the website of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner  politifact.com .  Look at the truth behind the bullshit that has been spewed about things like the Healthcare Reform “Death Panels” (has your granny been killed yet?) and check out the list of 21 recent Fox News Lies.  I am sure the list is a lot longer than this but there are only so many hours in a day.

What it all boils down to is the sad sad sad stupidity and gullibility of Americans these days.  You don’t need to see SAT scores.  You don’t need to look at grades of high school grads or the reading and comprehension  levels of college students.  All you have to do is read what people post on Facebook, watch Fox News or read Tweets from Sarah Palin.  It is so sad that people in this country will believe any bullshit they are  spoon fed and do no research to find out what the truth really is.

And as for that Big Black Boogey Man in the White House….. well I’ll probably vote for him again.  Why?  Not cause he’s black.  I’ll vote for him because he’s smart.  He has character.  He’s genuine.  He believes it’s better to rule with Hope then rule with Fear.   He belongs to the party of giving people a hand up and finding solutions, not beating people down and trying to scare the shit out of them so they stay in line.  Yes, I’d vote for a Republican – but it’d have to be someone who doesn’t stand there with a silver cross, a clove of garlic and a wooden stake trembling because night is falling and its a full moon.

So far, I haven’t seen one yet.

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One Response to NBC, God & the Boogey Man

  1. sasoc says:

    What else can it be? There is an answer.
    It is that he used precious political capital on a brazen attempt to nationalize healthcare while Rome burned in the wake of reckless behavior by Wall Street banks and lax regulators (the real crisis that needed his attention but didn’t get it — in fact the Wall Street fat cats got fatter);
    It is that he has had his justice department sue the state of Arizona for trying to secure a border that the Federal government refuses to secure;
    It is that he has bowed to foreign leaders as though the USA must humble itself in order to atone for past sins and to command respect in the world (never mind that the USA chose NOT to annex 100 countries after WWII when it alone had the atomic bomb and the only standing army left able to fight — easily the most enlightened act of non-aggression in the history of the human race);
    It is that he has had his justice department refuse to defend the DOMA, a Federal law (signed by Bill Clinton), creating a quite literal upside-down world in which the Executive Branch abandons the law instead of enforcing it;

    I could list so many more, but it’s getting late.

    His actions can only by a result of his profound dislike for American heritage, sovereignty, capitalism, self-government, and self-reliance.

    Do you see the color of his skin in the above list? Of course not. Do you see a man intent on reshaping the country into one of patronage and central government control? Certainly yes, and this is the source of negativity around the man’s occupation of the White House.

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