Obama Called the “D” Word

On June 30th, Mark Halperin, editor-at-large and senior political analyst for TIME and MSNBC appeared on Morning Joe.  During a conversation about President Obama’s speech the evening prior, he said he thought the president was “kind of a dick.”  Let the shit storm begin!

I like Obama and voted for him.  His supporters wish at times he’d be more like George W Bush and grow a pair.  Bush didn’t give a damn what anyone said, including the law.  He just did what he wanted to and “f” ya’ll if you don’t like it.  Sometimes I wish Obama would too.

In his speech, in his usual calm and deliberate manner, he came off more as a lecturer and kind of did seem like a “dick” than as a President who is fed up with the Republican grandstanding and feet dragging.  It was politics as usual, and he ran against that.  So come out and so say!

One thing I found Really Unreal was in a recent interview for the NBC Today Show, Ann Curry asked him why he doesn’t get mad about the economy and jobs situation.   I guess people (and Ann Curry)  want him to act like the stereo-typical angry black “n”.   If he ain’t doing a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, standing at a podium and pounding his fist and bellowing, then I guess people think he’s got no feelings and doesn’t care.  In white America’s minds, if a black man isn’t foaming at the mouth like they see on “Cops,” he ain’t upset and doesn’t care.

Yeah, I was disappointed at the way Obama came off.  I would love for him to stand there and really give these people hell.  Call a spade a spade (no racial pun intended).  Start naming names – tell us who is being a “dick” in Congress and what games they are playing.  I would love it for ANYONE in politics to stand up and just be blunt and to the point.

Back in 1998, Warren Beatty appeared in a film called “Bulworth” about a senator losing his bid for re-election.  He takes out a huge insurance policy, hires someone to kill him and goes on a free speech spree telling people the truth about politics and all the things they really don’t want to hear but need to.  I would have voted for Bulworth.  I long for a guy (or gal) like him to run for office in this country.  I realize Obama, being the first black to win the office, doesn’t want to tarnish the office nor his heritage by acting “all that” and living up to the white population’s stereotype of a black man.  But just once, I have to admit, I wish he would raise his voice and maybe give that podium one good pound of the fist.  Or maybe a head snap and wave his index finger in the stereotypical black female “oh no you didn’t”  fashion.  Just once – come on.  Show me you got a pair.

As for Mark Halperin, well MSNBC suspended him indefintely for the remark.  MSNBC – you need to grow a pair too.  I am sooooo tired of the thin skinned, always outraged stance Americans and the media take these days.  There was the NBC golf tourney where “under God” was left out of the video prior to the game.  There was the outrage about Weiner’s weiner – as if he personally sent it to every American and scarred them for life.  Why do Americans get so worked up about things that really don’t matter, no one will probably remember in 5 years and have no real impact on their lives?  The only person it had an impact on was him, his family and the chick he sent that picture to.  It had nothing to do with any of us.  The guy resigned and that’s a shame really.  His constituents seemed to love him and he appeared to actually give a damn and voted the way they wanted.  But the pictures – other than giving us a good laugh and something funny to blog about – had no impact on our lives personally.  Yet the media and the outraged and righteous righters had to get on their soapboxes and scream bloody murder.

The media, like MSNBC, have suspended and fired so many commentators, writers and talking heads just because they were human and either had a slip of the tongue or, better yet, actually spoke their minds.  Talk about a violation of the freedom of speech.  How Glen Beck lasted as long as he did I’ll never know.    And that is a shame too.  In a country where we wave the flag and get all “in yer face” about freedom, we sure are quick to take down those who use it to voice their opinions. And what happened with Halerpin, especially after he deliberately asked about the delay button and was actually egged on by Joe Scarbrough,  seems really unfair.

As for the actual comment, yeah – Obama did come off like a “dick” to some extent.  He seemed more like a schoolmarm lecturing than a president fed up with the politics as usual feet dragging for political gain.  He disappointed me.  Call him a “dick” ?  Nah, I wouldn’t say that.  I’d just like him to grow a pair and show them to us from time to time.  Just don’t send them to us via Twitter.

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