Playing Chicken

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of politicians playing chicken with our country.  Back in my childhood, John Kennedy played chicken with Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  He didn’t blink first and it paid off, though we found out years later there was a back door deal over nukes in Turkey that was the parting gift Russia got when it pulled out of Cuba.  But that’s okay – we didn’t get nuked from 90 miles off our Florida coast.  It was okay to play chicken then.

Now the two parties are playing chicken again.  What I find Really Unreal  is that they are doing it over money that HAS ALREADY BEEN SPENT!  The money is gone.  Get over it and move on.  Republicans want to hold the country hostage and refuse to move an inch.  These Reagan and GW Bush  lovers forget that they BOTH raised the federal debt limit so many times people lost count.  Yet until they get their tax breaks for their wealthy millionaire friends (the people who DO NOT create jobs no matter what they tell you and can afford to contribute more in taxes than me or my mom on social security) they won’t budge.  Instead they want our seniors to get cuts in their food and rent money and also lose benefits that pay for their much needed medicines.  “Let’s help our rich campaign contributing friends and fuck those poor people who don’t send us a dime in campaign contributions anyway.”  Talk about kissing ass!  These people worked their tails off for years to have that safety net and now you wanna screw them?  You know how pissed they are when you interrupt ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for a tornado warning?  YOU wanna mess with their benefits?  Good luck with that and still have a job after the next election!

I say any politician that votes to cut social security and medicare benefits should be CUT on the next election day – plain and simple!  And if you agree – go here and show your support for cutting those who cut benefits to seniors on Facebook.

Democrats on the other hand won’t budge on social security and medicare.  The baby boomers are getting older and the system is gonna be drained in the next 20 years or so.  Well duh – the fix for that is simple!  Take a few more pennies a week out of our paychecks and fix the damn system.  How come the simple fix we regular people make when our bills go up (set aside a few extra bucks each week) isn’t a STUPID SIMPLE fix these brainiacs can’t come up with?  DUH!  Taking an extra $1-2 a pay check to shore up the social security and medicare funds won’t hurt any of us, but cutting those monthly checks to seniors who can’t work and have no other income and cutting their medicines would hurt and big time!  Republicans screamed bloody murder when they claimed (and falsely at that) that health care reform would create death panels that would kill their granny.  Now they don’t care if she starves to death or dies cause she can’t get her medications?  How short Republicans memories truly are!

Of course it won’t matter in the long run.  Damn Obama and the Democrats have no balls!!  They’ll go ahead like they always do and cave in.  They’ll give in to the blackmailing Republicans like they did on health care and every other issue that has come up.

Why is ANY of this holding up progress anyway?  Neither has anything to do with the real issue at hand – money that has been ALREADY SPENT!  And honestly, this stupid issue over a debt ceiling makes no sense anyway.  It’s during the BUDGET voting that this crap should be addressed.  This nonsense going on now is just  more posturing, grand standing and beating of chests to show how powerful they are.  Screw that!

You know, I have no love for TV preachers.  But I have to admit that Dr. Robert Schuller about 20 years ago said something I heard as I was trolling the channels on a Sunday morning folding laundry.  He said, “Isn’t it amazing how much gets accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit?”  And this is so true!  If there was no record kept of who voted for what – if they just did a secret paper ballot where they all scribbled on paper and stuck it in a box and no one saw who voted what – I wonder what the votes would be like then?

Bill Maher has said that many politicians comment to him off camera after the taping of his HBO show called Real Time that they would really like to vote the opposite or say the opposite of the rhetoric they spew in public when they are being watched.  How sad is that?  It’s gotten so politicians won’t even stand up, show they have some balls and say what needs to be said and they know is true.

Bulworth – where are you?

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