Yep – He’s A Weiner DOG!


When Rep. Anthony Weiner wouldn’t come right out and say it wasn’t his crotch in that photo and was doing his best Bill Clinton impersonation (“You know, I can’t say with certitude”) it was a dead give away that within days we’d be seeing him do the politician’s version of a perp walk – which is a “perp talk” at a podium where they stand,  try and act remorseful, then apologize to their family and constituents…bla bla

And Weiner never admitted or apologized for blaming and naming blogger Andrew Breitbart as being the hacker knowing all along it wasn’t true:

What is the matter with these people?

What I find Really Unreal  is this guy says in the past 3 years he has done this with 6 other women!  Once this hit the media didn’t he think it would all come out?  How could he honestly think he could lie his way clear of this?  And how many weiner dogs are there in Congress who haven’t been exposed for exposing?

This nonsense takes up media coverage of things that are important.  No one is talking about the high unemployment rates, getting off a stupid dependence on foreign oil, the national debt – nothing but weiner jokes and weiner talk.  And it’s partly our own faults for actually giving this air and blog time.

In the news business the mantra once was “If it bleeds – it leads.”  Now that’s changed to “If it’s cock – it rocks!”   So here’s what I propose………


I propose that we call for one day a year when all politicians and public figures who have done something as hound doggish as Weiner can come forward and share their penis pics, their Twitter twats, their Facebook fuck ups and just get it all over with on one day.  The media will have 24 hours to take it all in, the talking heads can give it as much head time as they want and then that’s it – we get back to business. 

We could make it a national holiday.  People can gather in sports bars in front of big screen jumbo trons to critique and evaluate each politician’s whore-or story.  There could be an award show emcee’d by Larry Flint.  There could be parades with floats.  Maybe even a realty series called “Cock Blocked: Death of a Political Career” where they all go into a community house and vote out the guy with either the smallest dick or the worst taste in bimbos.  They could have immunity challenges where they get another day in the house for going down on a Fox news talking head since most of the players will end up Republicans anyway.

The sad truth is Weiner isn’t the first nor will he be the last politician to get caught with his pants down in one form or another.  At present I still think Da Arnold takes the cake this season for screwing the hired help, having her and her kid around for ten years in his own home with his wife and his kids.  So far he takes the cake for the slimiest scuzz ball this year.  But hey, it’s only June – there’s still time.

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Weiner Needs Better Weiner Advice

Rep. Anthony Weiner claims his Twitter account was hacked and when asked if the alleged photo

of a gray underwear wearing crotch is truly his junk,  he responded on camera saying  “You know, I can’t say with certitude.  My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated.  Pictures can be dropped in and inserted.”

Who is this guy’s public relations chief?  And they say Sarah Palin wasn’t prepped for interviews!

The answer is so easy.   Just pick a response:

1.  Clearly that is not me – I’m not that (choose one)    ___  Small    ___Big!

2.  Clearly that is not a photo of me since I don’t own and never wore gray underwear.

3.  Clearly that is not a picture of me since I wear boxers and that photo clearly shows briefs.

4.  Clearly that is not me.  When my wife caught me screwing around last year, she did a Lorena Bobbitt on me so you see that clearly can’t be me.

The possibilities are endless.

What I find Really Unreal  is that this guy is basically saying it very well could be his crotch in that picture! He didn’t say there is no way since he has never taken a photo of his crotch and to the best of his knowledge no one else has either.  No, he said he doesn’t know if it’s his crotch.  And therein lies the problem.  Does he not know where his crotch has been?

For once we finally have a politician who DID keep it in his pants (ok – underpants) and he’s still in trouble.  What happens to these guys when they cross the state line and set foot in D.C.?  Ya gotta wonder.


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Sarah (Paris) Palin

I equate Sarah Palin with the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.   None of them have a job and all three live for media attention.   In conversation none of them appear to have anything higher than an 8th grade education.  All three have been in trouble or investigated for illegal activity.  And if I was hiring an employee for the drive through window at a burger joint, I can’t imagine any of these three being able to handle the job.

Sarah Palin is a quitter.  After her failed attempt to win the Vice Presidency, she quit her job as the Governor of Alaska.  She quit!  Why?  She claimed it was because she “didn’t want to put Alaskans through a lame duck session.”  Are you kidding me?  So if she was President she’d quit at the end of year 2 during the typical lame duck session when Congress changes over?  Obama didn’t roll over and play dead during this past lame duck session.  He got the new START treaty, the extension of unemployment and the repeal of gays being banned in the military.   I guess Palin would have run for the hills, gotten her shot gun and gone coyote hunting instead, especially when she saw how little the president makes compared to what she can earn pimping a tell-all book and waving the flag on Fox.

I think Palin quit for two reasons; she was under investigation for ethics violations regarding her abuse of her position as governor to pursue personal grudges and vendettas and also because she became obsessed with the media attention and  was jonesing for more.   Yet she whined, bitched and moaned throughout the  presidential campaign and afterward in her tell-all book that she was being treat unfairly by the media.  I think the media, the late night comics and Saturday Night Live portrayed her pretty accurately.  When Katie Couric asked her the easiest softball question a reporter can ask “What do you read?” she couldn’t name ONE single newspaper or magazine.  Not one!  Geez!  I guess Highlights magazine didn’t come to mind at the time.  She blamed her staff for not preparing her for the tough questions.  Are you kidding me?  Here are some of the highlights of her interviews:

Palin is in the midst of yet another media whore publicity stunt now that her realty show is over.   She’s rented a bus with a paint scheme that screams “look at me, I’m a patriot.”  Sarah doesn’t know true patriots don’t scream for recognition.  She’s on a family summer vacation but calling it a “restore America tour” as if America needed a paint job and new counter tops.  She’s paying for this with her SarahPac money which is now under investigation for illegal use of funds.  She claims to be visiting America’s historical places but can’t explain how eating pizza with Donald Trump fits into the historical tour theme.  Was there some Revolutionary War battle over pepperoni fought in Times Square  against the British that I’m unaware of?

Palin claims this fact finding and America restoring bus tour is not a pre-run for the White House publicity stunt.  Yeah right.   Another run for Palin would be a dream come true for comics but would be a disaster for the Republican candidates.  Not that I’d vote for one, but I think they deserve a fighting chance.  If Palin runs it will truly become a three ring circus where the issues will be set aside for accusations of unfair media treatment and pictures of her dragging those kids around claiming to be a tiger mom.   While during the campaign the Obamas said the children (theirs and Palins as far as media attention went) should be off limits and  left their kids at home with grandma, Palin dragged her “special needs” baby and unwed knocked up daughter around like they were trophies.  When the media asked her about it she whined they were picking on her.  If the shoe fits……..

What I find Really Unreal  is that people take Palin seriously at all.   I’ve heard people justify her running because they heard John McCain say he thinks she can win.  I just shake my head in disbelief.  Do you not see he HAS to say that?  The guy made her his running mate.  He’d have to admit to making the biggest mistake of his political career if he came out and said anything else.  No one takes McCain seriously any more no matter what he says.  He has flip flopped on so many issues since the campaign he makes Edith from “All in the Family” look like Einstein.

Sarah (Paris) Palin needs to do the country a favor and just ride off in her chopper into the sunset toting her shotgun and go sit on the beach in Alaska and keep watch on those pesky Ruskies.  The only time I want to see her on TV is as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice or Survivor.

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Getting Started

It’s hard to know just where to get started.  Entering the blogger-sphere at a new site is confusing enough.  Add to that trying to figure out what this blog will be about and how I want to promote it and the task becomes overwhelming.

I am hoping that eventually I will be moving this to its own site, which I have purchased the domain name for.  I have spent time trying to get a Facebook page setup and a Twitter account with the name as well.  This has taken up a lot of my time and has kept me from actually coming here and writing.

It’s funny – I felt pretty hyped up and excited about doing this.  I’ve spent time laying awake thinking about it instead of getting the much needed sleep my old and broken body needs these days.  I was really looking forward to the day that I finally got the name and the related accounts all up and working and could actually start writing.  It’s the setup that has killed the buzz.

What I have found Really UNREAL about this whole process is how much I don’t know about the internet.

I live on my computers and have for over 30 years now.  I work from home so the internet is my work place, my lifeline, my co-worker, my confidant, my buddy and my biggest competitor.  I started out in the early 1980’s with a CPM computer and over the years have moved and upgraded as technology advanced and my finances permitted.  I thought I was pretty savvy at this stuff.   Not any more.

I’ve forgotten everything I knew about HTML.  Setting up a web page is not easy even with the instant site builder that came with my domain name.  I’m not sure how to set up a Widget, why I need a Widget, and really would like to know who came up with the stupid name of Widget to begin with.  I don’t know what hash tags on Twitter are for.  Hell, I’m not even sure why people bother with Twitter in the first place.  Since when are we too lazy to make a phone call and tell someone person to person what’s on our mind.  The only reason I set up an account on Twitter was the author of the article on blogging suggested doing so right off the bat to lock in the name for later promotion.  Like I don’t have enough stuff to learn right here on WordPress as it is.

Maybe I’m just making this a lot harder than it has to be.

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